Saturday, September 29, 2007


As one of the only die-hard Gopher Football fans within my circle of friends I heard the question often this past summer... "How do you think the Gophers are going to do this year?"
I made sure to tread very lightly when answering this question. I've been a Minnesota sports fan long enough to know that anything can happen. I was excited about what Coach Brewster was bringing to Gopher Football. I was excited that he had a positive attitude about what Minnesota could do in the Big 10.
But with all of the excitement, there was also a lot of trepidation.
It seemed like for every positive there was a potential negative. Brewster wanted to recruit the best players in the state and get them to stay home... but he was going to have to play this season with Coach Mason's players. It was exciting that the defense was going to be designed to be more aggressive... but could they pull it off this year with the players they had? Coach Brewster wants to take Gopher Nation to a Rose Bowl... but are we getting set up for more disappointment?
I was careful to not make any predictions as far as our record, there were just too many unknowns. And when the team finished the "pre-season" with just one win and two losses... all bets were off.
When I started this blog, just 9 days ago, I was curious what other people thought. So I posted a poll asking how many wins people think the Gophers will muster this year. Of the 26 voters, most people seem to agree that the Gophers are going to be in the 3 or 4 (or more) win category.
And I have to tell you, I don't disagree.
Keep in mind that I'm a complete "homer" when it comes to Gopher Football, but this team has shown some glimpses of being really good. If they can limit the turnovers, and begin to play more like that really good team they've shown they can be, coupled with the fact that they've got some very beatable opponents (Indiana, Northwestern, and (ahem) NDSU), I think this team can be a 4 win team. And after the start that they have had, that, in my opinion, would be a successful season.
So what is my prediction for the OSU tilt tonight?
Nice try.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great blog. I thought the gophers "looked" great in the new uniforms. I thought the more important aspect of playing football has been not as great............but, I never ever expected great things for this year. Having said that, I'm pleasantly surprise at how the gophers have improved at every aspect of the game. Each game they have performed better and in some cases, better from 1st half to 2nd half.
This was a team that was very very down in talent and emotion from the last several years. Then they were left without a coach. Several good to very good prospects chose other programs to go with prior to Brewster being hired. So the coach didn't walk into a hotbed of talent to work with the first several years as he gets his own recruiting started. Then to have to start the recruiting late in the game.........he's started with several strikes already.
But yet he's been positive (not Wacker positive), more importantly, he's got the coaches in Minnesota and surrounding states behind his program once again. (Damn that Mason, he alienated everyone)
And his team is going to give any team a test. Work out some of the obvious problems plays and the gophers will have some upsets this year, be respectable next year and give us reason to rejoice the year of the new stadium.
This year he just has to live with some of the glaring deficiences of some positions.
Go Gophers

Anonymous said...

I agree... Brewster has the team headed in the right direction. He has them thinking positive and with a "can-do" attitude. The team just doesn't have the talent to compete head-to-head with the powers of the Big Ten this year, but the foundation is being laid for a bright future if the coaching staff stays intact, and continues to exude the positive attitude..... Wins will come.....

For those of us who have been long standing Gopher football fans, I think the wait will be worth it. We just have to do our part and continue to show our support for the team in any way we can. The potential for future success smells like roses....... (Yes, I have drunk of the Brewster cool aid but it DOES taste sweet!)