Wednesday, February 3, 2010

James Louis Was Just Kidding

Oh that wiley James Louis. The four star wideout from Florida who was committed to Ohio State but then on Facebook started throwing out quotes that maybe he was coming to Minnesota, signed his letter of intent this morning to play for the Buckeyes. So all the Buckeye fans who flooded his Facebook page with pleas to come to Columbus either swayed him, or never had anything to worry about in the first place as this was all some big ruse to by Louis to get some attention. While I was hopeful of the former, it looks more like it was the latter. Not surprising with an 18 year old kid I suppose.

So with Louis signing with OSU, the Gophs do not have an impact wide receiver coming in this class. We're left to hope then that one of the running backs or perhaps Irondale OL Jimmy Gjere can make an immediate impact in 2010 to help our struggling offense. That is, unless some guy named Seantrel announces later today that he's staying home. Would be nice wouldn't it?

All 24 players that were committed have sent in the LOI (look here on the official Gopher site for the list), which is at least good news that we won't lose anyone else from this class.

The only real intrigue left then involves Seantrel (who I think goes to either OSU or USC), and three star linebacker Preston Brown from Cincinnati, who will decide between his hometown Bearcats (who he decommitted from when Brian Kelly took the Notre Dame job), Louisville (new coach Charlie Strong was an awesome defensive coach at Florida) and us.

He and Seantrel will both make announcements sometime this afternoon. Stay tuned.

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larryp713 said...

Good luck, Gophers. I was one of the nervous Buckeye fans, but I am glad we kept Louis. I am not counting on Henderson, it sounds like Kiffin got his hooks into him. That is a shame.