Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Brewster's Contract, More Coaching Changes, and Seantrel

Top o' the mornin to you. Sick of winter yet? Tired of 12 feet of snow and icy roads? Yeah me too. Gopher "spring" practices start March 23, with the spring game April 24. So we can count away the day til spring football AND until spring starts. Plenty of Gopher news circulating in the meantime, most of which we haven't had a chance to get to. Better late than never, right? Right?

Let's start with Tim Brewster's contract details, which were released Friday. He will continue to get a base salary of $400k per year through 2013, but can make a lot more if he wins. Before we get to his win and bowl bonuses, the part that matters most to me is the buyout- $200,000 per year through 2013. So let's just say, hypothetically, Brew gets canned in 2010. We'd then be on the hook for three more years at $200k for a total buyout of $600,000. Not great, but it could have been worse I suppose. That certainly won't limit the University from being able to pay good money to Ken Sumlin- or, um a good coach- to replace him.

Onto the bonuses then:
Capital One or Outback Bowl berth- $100,000

Wins Bonus
7- $100,000
8- $150,000
9- $200,000
10- $250,000
11- $300,000
12- $350,000

To me, this looks like a pretty fair contract. IF Brewster is able to finally start winning here, I have no problem paying the guy those totals for wins. But as I said, bottom line is that if things don't work out, then The U is only on the hook for $600K.

The coaching carousel continued to spin in Dinkytown, as receivers coach Richard Hightower left for the NFL, and RB's coach Thomas Hammock was given a new title of co-offensive coordinator, apparently also to keep him from leaving. Frankly, I think Hammock needs to concentrate more on getting better production (or perhaps any production) from his running backs than play calling, but that's just me. As for Hightower's replacement, Brewster uttered one of his favorite phrases, saying a "national search" is already underway. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. The same "national search" that landed us Jeff Horton? Let's just cut the BS and tell us you're looking for a former Wisconsin WR's coach, and the first one to take the job wins. Madison West, that's us!!

The "Seantrel Undecided" stories are already becoming almost as annoying as the Brett Favre retirement stories. Wake me when he signs with a school and shows up at practice. Until then, I just don't care. I know he's not coming to Minnesota, so at this point I don't care where he ends up.

Let's talk about players who actually ARE signed to play for the Gophers, shall we? Marcus Fuller had a blog post about Marquise Hill competing for playing time this fall at wide receiver. While I doubt the three star recruit from St Louis is good enough to start right away, I hope he's able to push the guys we have coming back and make them better. I like our talent at wideout heading into 2010, but with the way they performed last year after Decker went out, by no means should anyone be guaranteed a job.

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