Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gophers Steal Recruit from Ohio State?

Wild internet rumors (which, let's be honest, are the best kind) on Gopherhole say that four star wide receiver prospect James Louis of Florida has switched his commitment from Ohio State (where he's listed as being a "soft verbal") to the Minnesota Golden Gophers. Official word of this change of heart from Louis can be found...well absolutely nowhere as of now, but the best we have for evidence is where the rumors started: yep, you guessed it, his Facebook page.

His last two updates as of yesterday were this:
Everybody its offical I have just changed my mind I will be playing my
college football at??????? 9 hours ago

I wanna head out to minnesota with my brother DONNELL KIRKWOOD!!! 8
hours ago

Donnell Kirkwood is the three star running back the Gophers already have as a commit. Again, this could just be a kid wanting to build suspense for his official announcement tomorrow, or maybe, just maybe, Brewster was able to steal someone else's recruit for a change. From what I could find on Louis, he looks like the real deal, and could be an impact guy from day one, a la Michael Carter from a year ago.

We'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out if Louis is coming here or Ohio State, along with some other guy.


Anonymous said...

Dood, last week he said he was changing his committment to Florida Atlantic University. He is tired of everyone questioning him on his OSU verbal, because they can't understand why he dogged Urban Meyer at UF. Because he is sick of the questions, he's started to screw with people, hence the Florida Atlantic fake committment. In other words, he just equated Minnesota football to FAU football.


Keep dreaming. And Go Bucks.

Jeff said...

Hmmm, shocking that an OSU fan would dismiss this as nothing. Others, like the many who have posted desperate pleas for Louis to stay on his Facebook page, apparently are taking this a little more seriously.

Considering there's been no confirmation of the rumor anywhere, it could very well be just a kid messing with people and trying to gain some attention. Then again, he could be coming to Minnesota. We'll find out tomorrow.

Jeff said...

Well, it looks like the anonymous OSU fan was correct- Louis has signed his LOI with the Buckeyes and it was all some big joke. Oh well. Would have been nice.

The Gophs have all 24 of their LOI's in apparently, so we'll see if there's any late additions.