Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Spending our time in the doldrums

"I was spending my time in the doldrums..." is the opening line of the song "Lost For Words" by Pink Floyd.  It's one of those songs that I haven't actually heard for probably a decade, but it sometimes pops into my head, and that opening line in particular describes how I feel about these last days of the summer of 2010 without Big Ten Football.

I really wanted to be excited about Big Ten media days.  I really wanted to be excited about hearing what Brandon Kirksey, Kim Royston, Adam Weber and Coach Brewster have to say about the upcoming Gopher Football season.  I had convinced myself I was going to follow it closely and write blog posts about it and that it was going to be an exciting way to jump into the football season.

But then I realized something... it's all just talk, it isn't football, and it isn't quite quenching my thirst for Gopher Football like I was hoping.

Then something else happened.  As a fan of the Vikings, the news hit today that Brett Favre (allegedly) will be retiring for real this time.  Suddenly I was thinking "this is good, this will be a good distraction for a couple of days until Gopher football practice kicks off."  But you know what?  I got bored with the Brett Favre news in about 20 minutes.

So here I sit again, spending my time in the doldrums, just waiting for Gopher football season to start.  I can't wait for the talk and the speculation to stop and for the season to just begin.  I even think that I might be excited about practices (it's possible I'll be wrong about my excitement for practice like I was excited about media days) because at least we'll be hearing about how the players are performing and who looks good, instead of just the constant speculation.

All I can say is bring on the football!

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