Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Devin Crawford-Tufts is fast!

Ladies & Gentlemen of Gopher Nation, please watch this video.  The gentleman who comes from WAY behind of the fourth leg of the MN State High School 4x100 meter relay is Gopher recruit Devin Crawford-Tufts... and as you'll see, he's fast.  DCT blows by the guy who was in first place at the beginning of the leg like he's standing still.

Crawford-Tufts is your next Golden Gopher star WR and will join the Gophers in the fall of 2011.


Ticket King College Sports Fan said...

geez, that guy is fast! i always thought kim royston was one of the quicker ones on the field for minnesota

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Alex said...

Wow...really fast. The man has tremendous speed; it takes only 46 seconds to reach the finish line. Maybe he is fit to join the Gophers. I can not wait for seeing the action...