Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Trouble, trouble

Ugh.  What else can you say?

The problems facing the Gopher football team are many and varied.  If it's not off-the-field issues, it's something else.

Today we find out that Kim Royston has broken his leg... a compound fracture... in two different spots.  That doesn't sound good.  As Kent Youngblood mentions, Coach Brewster is hopeful that Royston will be ready for fall practices.

The loss is huge.  Royston is easily one of the best players on our entire team, and clearly a leader on the defensive side of the ball.  The loss is even larger when you consider that going into spring camp safety was considered to be one of our stronger positions.  The injury to Royston, and the loss of Kyle Theret to booze, means our starting safety tandem is currently completely defunct.

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Alex said...

Actually, we could not just depend on one player. Although Roysten was the best player, but there were many other players. It was better to give opportunity to other players.