Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Golden Gopher Football Blotter

Jeff and I have been in serious discussions recently about changing the name of the blog from Golden Gopher Football Blog to Golden Gopher Football Blotter.

It seems like all we write about anymore is Gopher football players and their run-ins with the law.  Quite frankly, I'm getting a little tired of it.  And, big freakin' surprise, we've got another one...  and I'm just going to get by with a little help from the other bloggers to paint the picture.

So, here's the link to the Star-Tribune  story about Gary Tinsley having a alcohol related run-in with the police.

Here's the Pioneer Press version.

Fringe Bowl Team (by the way, if you aren't reading this blog, what is wrong with you?) gave his two cents:
"The issue here is one of a broader concern among college football fans; off-the-field incidents are becoming the norm with college athletes, not the exception.  Managing off-the-field fiascoes and dealing with a tolerable level of youthful stupidity is now part of big time collegiate athletics..."

And here's a couple of depressing quotes by Buck Bravo over at The Daily Gopher about the incident...
Yesterday: "If true, there's a good chance that the player who I would have projected to be the best linebacker on the team will probably be at a I-AA southern school that nobody cares about next season."
This morning: "Tinsley joins Sam Maresh and Kyle Theret as recent alcohol-related offenders.  Perhaps a lock-down is needed to prevent more lock-ups."

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Anonymous said...

So what will Brewster do to reign in the two-fisted-hard-drinking Sam Maresh? Certainly with the penalties and sanctions and suspensions of the other two alcohol-related players, Mares must receive something rather severe to get his attention too. Perhaps even more important than getting the attention of Maresh, would be the sending of a message to the other players on this squad. Rampant binge drinking is nothing to mess around with when you have a high-risk population like young, male, agressive football players. Seeing three defensive players get busted the way thses three have is kind of like spotting a "roach..." Most likely, there are more than just these three who are also overdoing the drinking thing on this football team.

I would fear that Brewster has lost control and does not garner the respect of his players. The "culture" of the program that Brewster is running appears to be one of peer pressure to binge drink. Late Saturday through Sunday appears to be a dangerous period of time for hard-drinking football players. I hope we have seen the end, but, I would anticipate more trouble before this gets any better. I believe that parents who have kids playing for Brewster had better be monitoring the situation and be ready to lay down the law to their kids about NO drinking and also be ready to have assessments of any abusive episodic drinking their sons may be involved in that carrys negative consequences. Mounting negative consequences and continued drinking usually adds up to longer-termed problems and potential danger. This should not be taken lightly. We don't want tragedy striking this football program.