Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This One Goes to 11

The Daily Gopher reports the Gophers have had yet another player decommit as three star wide receiver Chris Hawkins of Channelview, Texas is going to TCU. If you're keeping score at home, that's the 11th player to decommit from the Gophers 2010 recruiting class, and the second one that's decided to go to play for Gary Patterson at TCU (I've heard other accounts say it's the ninth decommit, but the headline doesn't work as well with nine).

Apparently the hiring of Jeff Horton as offensive coordinator does not quite get the recruits fired up as much as it does for Brewster. Let's hope Coach Brew, who according to Joel Maturi and Brew himself is a fabulous recruiter, can start bringing more players into the program instead of having them leave. Obviously not all of the decommits are Brewster's fault, as the loss of four star receiver James Green was because of academics. Still, losing at least nine kids after they've pledged to come here is never a good sign.

He did get a commitment today from JUCO corner Dwight Tillman, which brings the number of commits who have committed but are unsigned back up to 21. He shows as unrated by Rivals, but there was a rumor from Scout.com he also had offers from Wisconsin and Illinois. Not sure who to believe on that. Regardless, let's hope the news the next couple of weeks before national signing day is about bringing more talented recruits to The U, and not about more of them leaving.


Gopher Bandanna Guy said...

This stream of decommits has been painful to watch, but not entirely unexpected, once Fisch bolted to ruin QBs out in Seattle.

Still, we have some nice kids in the 2010 class Gjere (sp?), Lamonte Edwards, etc.

Of course all 11 of these decommits would be forgotten if only Seantrel would decide to stay home.

Jeff said...

Yep, Seantrel would definitely fix a lot of things.