Thursday, January 21, 2010

Open Mouth, Remove Foot

So remember all of that negative pessimissm I had about Tim Brewster being able to find a viable candidate for offensive coordinator? Remember how I said it would basically be impossible to find anyone with a pulse who would be crazy enough to take this job? Well, allow me to apologize for ever doubting Brewster, as a post this afternoon from Adam Rittenberg has caused me to do a 180 on this whole fiasco Jedd Fisch's departure has caused. And I'm serious. All sarcasm aside here. I mean it. I do. Really.

Rittenberg reports that the Tulsa World reports that Oklahoma quarterbacks coach Josh Heupel was in town yesterday to interview for the OC job. Heupel is from Aberdeen, South Dakota, and played his college ball at Oklahoma where he led the Sooners to a national title in 2000. After bouncing around the NFL for a few years, he took a job as a grad assistant under Bob Stoops, went to Arizona with former OU defensive coordinator Mike Stoops to be the tight ends coach, then came back to OU a few years ago to be their quarterbacks coach. Only 31, Heupel is pretty highly thought of around the college football world, and would be a FANTASTIC hire for Brewster.

Rittenberg points out the one caveat is that Heupel comes from a spread system at Oklahoma, and Brewster thus far has maintained he wants someone to run Fisch's pro-style offense. Then again, just about every other rumored candidate comes from a spread system too. Seems like Gopher fans are pining for Major Applewhite, but I'm telling you, Heupel would be just as good a get. Sure, he'd be yet another candidate to use Minnesota as a spring board, but I'd rather have a guy like Heupel give a few good years of actual, meaningful, productive offense than hiring an older retread OC who can't get a better job anywhere else.

If Brewster somehow pulls Heupel out of this whole mess, I'll give Brew a standing ovation and two thumbs up. That is, just as soon as I can get my foot out of my mouth.

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Jeremy said...

This has still got to be a huge IF... doesn't it?