Monday, December 28, 2009

Brewster to Get His (Undeserved) Contract Extension

It's not official yet, but it looks like any day or any minute now Tim Brewster is going to get a contract extension. The "money" quote from AD Joel Maturi:

"We need some stability," Maturi said. We've proven that just changing coaches at Minnesota isn't the answer. We need stability. I'm excited about the recuits that are here and those who are coming and coach Brewster deserves the right to coach those recruits."

Maturi goes on to say that there's still a lot of details to be worked out, one of which I hope is either a VERY favorable buyout to the University, or even better (but less likely) no buyout whatsoever. Look I understand Maturi when he says he wants to have some stability and assure recruits and Brewster's assistants that he's going to be around awhile. I also get Maturi REALLY likes Brewster's recruiting abilities, as he mentions them in the story for the umpteenth time.

I get that, but when do the results on the field start to matter more than made-up recruiting rankings? When does a record of 6-18 in the Big Ten and 0-9 in trophy games start to matter? If there's little to no buyout, Maturi will show that on-field results DO matter, and that 2010 is a make or break year. If Brewster somehow weasels his way into a hefty buyout and continues to stink it up on the field, then we would have a much larger issue than just a football coach who can talk the talk but cannot walk the walk- we'd have an AD who doesn't know the difference between the two.

Until we know the details of the contract, I'm going to give Maturi the benefit of the doubt and hope/pray/assume/cross my fingers AND my toes that he's giving Brewster the stability he's been clamoring and scamming for (lest everyone forgets that Brewster attempted to invent a rumor that Kansas wanted him) but holding his feet to the fire that 2010 needs to be better or he's out, and it'll cost the University nothing more than the 5th year on his first contract. I know Christmas was last week, but as Gopher fan, that's the best gift I can hope for.

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