Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Brewster says the QB competition will be "wide open" come spring?

While reading Adam Rittenberg's blog this morning, I came across this question and answer from his mailblog:

Will from St. Paul, Minn., writes: Hey Adam,Love your blog, I read it every day. I was just wondering now that even Tim Brewster said that the quarterback situation for next spring is wide open, what the odds that Moses Alipate will be included in the mix? There really has not been to much talk about it, but when you look at the recruting records Moses was actually rated higher than Marquis Gray. He fits into the pro style offense much better because of his drop back and pass capabilities.

Adam Rittenberg: Minnesota needs to evaluate all of its options at quarterback next year. Adam Weber clearly took a step back this fall, and while he should be given a chance to keep his job, there has to be a competition with Alipate included. I really thought we'd see more of MarQueis Gray during the regular season, but Gray, like Weber, might be struggling to grasp the complexities of the pro-style system. While both Weber and Gray might be better suited to the spread in the long run, Alipate, like you mentioned, was billed as a drop-back passer coming out of high school. He definitely deserves a shot.

So my question would be: did Brewster actually say this? And if so when, and where? I scoured the internet looking for confirmation, but about the only recent news I could find about Brewster is that his house is for sale (and has been since September) and that he has a home visit with Seantrel Henderson this week. Anyone out there read or hear Brewster actually say he'll do the logical thing and make his three year starting quarterback who stunk this year actually earn his job in the spring? Maybe the source is his realtor? Maybe he told Seantrel he actually believes in competition and makes people earn their jobs (if this is true, can we get some competition for offensive coordinator Jed Fisch, please?)? Or is this just wishful thinking from a desperate Gopher fan? If anybody has anything concrete, I'd love to hear it.

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