Wednesday, November 25, 2009

GFB Top 25: Week 13

Not many changes this week, as there were few surprises and few big games from last weekend. Not sure we'll see any major changes next week either. Sure almost everybody who plays has a rivalry game, but they all look pretty one-sided. Pitt-West Virginia in the Backyard Brawl is the one most ripe for an upset, and as my rankings indicate, I still just don't trust Dave Wannsted. If he beats the Mountaineers, who have absolutely owned him, then we can talk about a juicy Cincy/Pitt winner-take-all suedo Big East title game. But not until then.

1 Florida 11-0
2 Alabama 11-0
3 Texas 11-0
4 TCU 11-0
5 Cincinnati 10-0
6 Georgia Tech 10-1
7 Boise State 11-0
8 Oregon 9-2
9 Ohio State 10-2
10 Iowa 10-2
11 Pittsburgh 9-1
12 Virginia Tech 8-3
13 Clemson 8-3
14 LSU 8-3
15 Miami (FL) 8-3
16 USC 7-3
17 Oklahoma State 9-2
18 Penn State 10-2
19 Oregon State 8-3
20 Mississippi 8-3
21 Brigham Young 9-2
22 Utah 9-2
23 California 8-3
24 Houston 9-2
25 North Carolina 8-3

Dropped Out: Stanford 7-4

Nothing really to say about the top 13 as everyone stayed the same or moved up to replace LSU since last week. I dropped the Bayou Bengals to 14 because I love their defense but not so much their offense or Les Miles' playcalling. After that, no big changes other than Ole Miss jumping five spots after beating LSU. If they had gotten halfback Dexter McClendon more involved from the start of the season, the Rebels may have lived up their lofty expectations. As it stands, they should be a team no one is going to want to play in a bowl game.

That's about it. Safe travels for all, enjoy the food, and have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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