Tuesday, October 6, 2009

GFB TOP 25: Week 6

Much less craziness nationally last weekend, and therefore much less movement in the polls. The top eight stays the same, but with monster games on the slate this week including Florida vs. LSU, Bama vs. Ole Miss, Ohio State vs. Wisconsin and Penn State vs. power Eastern Illinois there's big changes coming. As always, here's the polls that count.

GFB Top 25: Week 6

1. Alabama (5-0)
2. Florida (4-0)
3. Texas (4-0)
4. LSU (5-0)
5. Virginia Tech (4-1)
6. USC (4-1)
7. Ohio State (4-1)
8. Cincinnati (5-0)
9. Iowa (5-0)
10. Miami (3-1)
11. TCU (4-0)
12. BYU (4-1)
13. Boise State (5-0)
14. Kansas (4-0)
15. Auburn (5-0)
16. Oklahoma State (3-1)
17. Oregon (4-1)
18. Penn State (4-1)
19. South Carolina (4-1)
20. Oklahoma (2-2)
21. Nebraska (3-1)
22. Georgia Tech (4-1)
23. Ole Miss (3-1)
24. Georgia (3-2)
25. Wisconsin (5-0)

Dropped Out: 9. Houston (4-1) 20. Michigan (4-1) 24. California (3-2)

The top eight remain the same, but if LSU pulls the upset this weekend, we could have a new #1. Iowa moves up after winning a letdown game against Ark State, and Miami jumps way back up after an impressive performance against Oklahoma. All of this makes me more and more impressed with Va Tech, and if they run the table to this point and Texas somehow loses, we could and perhaps should see the Hokies against the SEC champ in the Title game.

Houston drops out completely after getting blasted. TCU and BYU remain above Boise State because the MWC conference is for real while the WAC is not. Honestly, when your best competition for your conference title could come from the Idaho Vandals, that does not speak well of your conference. This will be as high as Boise gets the rest of the year even if they win every game 100-0.

Kansas hasn't played anybody but has been impressive doing it, and I finally put Auburn into the rankings. They were definitely overdue, and a good win over a solid D like Tennessee is proof they're going to be able to move the ball on just about anybody. Of course with Bama, LSU AND Ole Miss still to come, we'll find out plenty about the Tigers. The next four one-loss teams? I really have no idea, other than I like them here and in this order.

The Sooners have played the toughest non-conference schedule in the country, and to survive at 2-2 without Heisman winner Sam Bradford and the best TE in the country in Jermaine Gresham is good enough for me to keep them in the top 20. If they can get Bradford back soon, they could still knock off Texas in a couple of weeks and win the Big 12.

I dropped Ole Miss behind the Huskers and Jackets because their resumes are simply better. Georgia does not fall out of my top 25 because they've played one of the toughest schedules to date thus far. Eveybody outside of the top 10 would be VERY fortunate to be 3-2 after having to play five BCS conference opponents, three of whom are ranked (and if Arkansas' defense can get it together, they could be headed for a top 25 spot too!).


TREE said...

Agressive take on Oklahoma...if Bradford is healthy they have a hot against TEX, but by no means would I commit to saying they will win. TEX is really good.

Jeff said...


With Bradford back I like Oklahoma's chances. I love their defense and running game, and with Bradford back he can throw well enough despite the shaky O-line and young wideouts.

Texas? Sure they're talented, but what have they really done so far? Texas Tech is their only quality win, and I'm just not sure how quality it is. I also don't trust the Horns running game quite yet.

Not ready to say the Sooners WILL win on the 17th, but I certainly like their chances.