Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Breathe Easy Gopher Fans- Eric Decker WILL Play Football

Dennis Brackin has a short Q&A with Eric Decker in the Strib today, where he confirms two or three different times that no matter where he gets drafted in the MLB draft (which starts 44 minutes from now), or how much money they offer in signing bonuses, he WILL be finishing his football career as a Gopher this fall. Decker was a 39th rd selection of the BrewCrew last year, and Decker has been much improved this spring, to the point it seems some folks were worried Decker would take the baseball money and skip his senior year at The U- and more importantly for us, the Gopher football season. Take heart and breathe easy, come hell or high water Decker swears he'll don the pads and his #7 this fall to finish out his playing career in the brand new TCF Bank Stadium. Good news for a team that needs to keep all the talent it can get right now, especially at WR where sophomore Broderick Smith has already exited stage left.

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