Tuesday, February 5, 2008

National Signing Day is nearly upon us...

Tomorrow is a big day for the Gopher Football program, as Tim Brewster will be showing off the fruits of his staff's first full year of recruiting labor. At this point a lot has already been made of Brewster's recruiting efforts, and rightfully so. As I've mentioned before, the fact that so many people are paying attention to recruiting at all is a win for Brewster. The fact that this recruiting class will likely end up in the Top 25 in the nation... well that's just huge.

Like many of you I will be at the National Signing Day 'Sota Social tomorrow evening, and I will be anxious to hear what Coach Brewster has to say about some of these recruits. It's also still possible that there will be some surprises.

Today there is an article in the Star Tribune talking about how the University has increased the recruiting budgets for both football and basketball. This is another huge sign that things are moving in a positive direction for the athletic programs at the U.

I've been more than upbeat about the Gopher Football program, despite the difficult season, but I know that there are several people out there who just don't think that the Gophers can make any bigger of an impact in college football than they did with Glen Mason. Have have flat out disagreed with that opinion since well before Glen Mason was even fired.

While recruiting success will ultimately be judged on the field, hopefully the results that we'll see come to fruition tomorrow, will quiet down some of the critics, at least for a couple of months.

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Anonymous said...

If you haven't heard, Keanon Cooper has supposedly decommitted from Tex Tech and committed to Minnesota. This makes our class even more impressive than it is now! That's saying alot.