Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hot Seats

Rittenberg wrote this morning about coaching hot seats as did a list of how "hot" of a seat every coach in college football is sitting on.

On a 0-5 scale (0= coach is untouchable, 5= the seat is burning) Brewster gets a rating of 4 along with Bill Lynch of Indiana.  According to CBS Sports, there are only 7 other coaches in all of college football whose jobs are in more jeopardy than Brewster's... and TWO of them are from the Big Ten (RichRod & Zooker).

With 4 Big Ten coaches in the top 10 of this list, Rittenberg points out the obvious:
"It has been three years since a Big Ten head coach was fired, as Michigan State's John L. Smith and Minnesota's Glen Mason got pink-slipped before the 2007 season (Michigan's Lloyd Carr "retired" after the 2007 campaign). But there's a good chance we'll see some movement in November or December."

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