Friday, April 24, 2009

More questions

I once heard this quote that went something like "questions are more important than answers."

My response to that? WRONG!

I mean, okay, I suppose in the grand scheme of things, you know, the whole universe and the mysterious of it, down through the sands of time, westward the wagons... where was I? Oh, yeah, I suppose questions are very important.

For example, where in the heck have Jeff and I been? That's a question, and it's an important one, but isn't the answer really more important at this point? (Look at that, another question.)

Speaking of questions, Jeff laid out some good ones about our Gopher Football squad and the upcoming spring football game tomorrow. I've got a couple of questions myself. So here we go...

Who the heck is Jedd Fisch, and what's he going to do to our offense?
That's probably the wrong question. But seriously, what can we expect here? Fisch is a young guy with some pretty decent NFL credentials, so we can feel good about that. But are the Gophers ever going to have some stability in the coordinator spots? It was like a dag-gum revolving door on both sides of the ball when Mason was around, and so far Brewster hasn't faired any better.

What will new O-line coach Tim Davis bring to the table?
Hopefully toughness. We didn't see much in the Insight Bowl from the offensive line that didn't feel very similar to the 2008 season, but by fall Davis will have had an entire spring and summer to work with his squad... a squad that was young, inexperienced, under-sized and injury-riddled all season.

What differences can we expect from a Kevin Cosgrove/Ronnie Lee lead defense?
Hopefully not many, except some stamina. The defense was much improved last year obviously, but like the Gophs as a whole, the D ran out of steam during the Big10 season. Cosgrove will have the benefit of most of the defensive starts back, save for a big loss in Willie VanDeSteeg, and probably Tramaine Brock. You have to expect that Cosgrove won't try to make too many changes, will still focus on speed and turnovers and will hopefully bring some big time football knowledge to the D.

Can you expect to see more consistant blogging from us now?
Some questions just have no answer.

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