Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gopher OC Dunbar "Resigns"

Gopher offensive coordinator Mike Dunbar has officially resigned. According to the KARE11.com story it was "to pursue other professional interests." Uh huh, sure it was. Dunbar is resigning in the same way Tommy Tuberville was pushed out- I mean resigned at Auburn or former Gopher O-line coach Phil Meyer resigned after the Iowa debacle. I hope Dunbar lands on his feet somewhere next year, but after watching this offense last year, I am not sad to see Dunbar go. Once the Gophs hit Big 10 season, to say the offense was "stagnant at best" is about the nicest thing I can say. There was no creativity or originality once Big 10 teams figured them out, and worst of all there was no production. I have no doubts somebody else- ANYBODY else- can do better.

Brewster states in the release that he'll be conducting a national search for Dunbar's replacement. Jer thinks that national search probably begins and ends right down the hall in the office of newly hired O-line/running game coordinator Tim Davis. We shall see.


Tim The Toolman said...

Brewster should be looking at coach Mike Markuson down at OLE MISS.. His boys just put a lickin on Texas Tech..And Florida this year!!!!. Also had a great winng record with Huston Nutt at Arkansas...and Better Yet he was born and raised in Minnesota.!!!Would be a great fit!!!! He knows what it takes to have a great running game and a HUGE front Off line!!

Anonymous said...

Mike Dunbar has been a winner every placed he has coached and has been a positive influence. In the mean time Gopher football like it's name sake has it's head in a hole more times than than its out. How do you fix a loser culture ? You can't beat SO. DAkota ! Maybe you can schedule UMDuluth--- Good luck Losers- Dream on !