Monday, November 24, 2008


I have tried to make this blog a place that portrays Gopher football from a fan's perspective. I've admitted several times to not always being objective and to often being biased. Here it comes...

If I had to rate the most unpleasant days of my entire I think that Saturday November 22, 2008 would probably rank in the Top 5... at the very least in the Top 10.

Nothing can ruin a fantastic day of spending time tailgating in the newly painted Gopher camper with friends and family like sitting in a section at the Metrodome surrounded by Iowa fans as their squad puts the proverbial wood to the Gophers.

The Hawkeye fans were NOT gracious in their victory. I know that is hard to believe, but it's true. I tried yelling back... heaven KNOWS I tried... but I had lost my voice somewhere between playing cornhole in the parking lot and yelling at the Gophers during the first quarter. It's probably better that I couldn't yell, the outcome would not have been good.

(There was, however, there was an Iowa fan walking down the steps sometime during the beginning of the 4th quarter who was yelling "Who hate Iowa, NOW?" I quickly raised my hand and in a very hoarse voice tried to yell, "I DO... MORE THAN EVER!!!" There was also an Iowa fan who walked up to me in the concourse after the game and said "Wow, 55-0 huh?" My response was calm. "Yeah, I was there, but thank you for the recap. Enjoy living in Iowa.")

Seriously Gopher fans... WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!?!? It's two days later and I am still having trouble believing, like Ron Burgundy would say, that just happened. I said going into the game that in the history of being a Gopher fan I never wanted to win a game more than this one... which is probably what made it so painful

It also might have been the jackass Iowa fans, but we've already touched on that.

So how about a season recap? I think that Down With Goldy said it best, so I'll leave this one to them.
"Gopher Football. Embarrassing. Anyone who calls this season a success should be stabbed in the face."

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But so far, this is somewhat a successful event. This is my personal opinion.