Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Coach's son leaving Gophers

Just saw the news that Clint Brewster, quarterback and son of Coach Tim Brewster, will be leaving the Gopher Football program.

There is no word about where Clint will transfer to, Coach Brewster's statement only said "Clint Brewster has decided to transfer. I respect and admire Clint's decision to further his education and play football elsewhere."

I'm not sure exactly how much of a surprise that this should come as to Gopher fans. In all honesty, despite the fact that Clint had a great showing in the spring game this year, I just was not sure how he fit into this team. He's not a prototype Big10 QB. Outside of the fact that Clint is Coach Brewster's son, I always wondered how he fit into this team.

When Coach Brewster heavily recruited his son, the only quarterback options on this team were Weber and Mort, and clearly Brewster went after Clint because he wanted his son on the team, but also because he wasn't comfortable with the QB situation. But he spent a lot of effort recruiting quarterbacks in the past year, and Clint had to have seen the writing on the wall.

I wish Clint good luck! He's got all of the mechanics to be a very good college quarterback.

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