Tuesday, January 8, 2008

BIG commit... for the middle of the D-line!

I know, I know... I'm a little slow on the take...

We got another HUGE commitment and I was slacking and didn't write about it. When I say we got a huge commitment, I mean so both figuratively AND literally. If you watched our defense last season you know that we need help on the line rushing the passer and stopping the run. In that sense, Edwards is a big catch.

But Edwards is just plain BIG... 6'1", 338lbs to be exact. He is big, and in looking at his highlight video, looks to be fairly quick as well. And this kid just absolutely devours people in the backfield. Clearly he is going to be going against much larger and more talented linemen in the Big10, but as they always say, you can't teach size, and Edwards definitely knows how to play his position.

I am really getting excited to see how our team looks in 2-3 years!!!


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